Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Bon, la, je commence a en avoir un peu marre. The school-from-which-I-have-been-rejected is refusing to give us the paper which certifies that I was accepted into Premiere L, and without it I would have to do a test to show where I'm at. Normally that wouldn't be too much of a problem, but I don't see how they can test me if they have been doing, for example, geometry and I've been doing percentages - or they've been studying the history of the UN and I've been doing WW2. If I haven't got to that bit yet, so a test wouldn't make sense. 
But I want to risk it anyway, because otherwise my parents want to send me to another private school. A school which, when we were looking at lycees last year, Dad said was a school for delinquents and I definitely shouldn't go there. Now he says it's a school for people from all sorts of different backgrounds, and the teachers are very helpful. Well, what's that supposed to mean?
Anyway, I don't like the name, I want to go to a public school, and while this school does give me the option to do cinema, I would have to do "informatique et l'art du numerique" as my second option. While that'd be fairly interesting and I suppose not un-useful, it wouldn't be as useful as if I did an extra scientific topic, like maths, which is what most lycees offer, and which this one doesn't.
I didn't want to do maths when I could but now that I can't I do. (Stupid.)
SO. I am going to try and persuade my parents to let me take a test for a different school, because either way I'll only be starting after the February holiday.

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