Saturday, 13 January 2018

There was a massive downpour of rain on Monday, and as a result from 7.25am to 5.15pm I had wet feet and wet trousers. Besides the cold, having wet clothes is just so disagreable. The rain continued, to a lesser extent, on Tuesday and Wednesday, with the delighftul result that the stream is back! The rubbish photo below illustrates what it was like on Wednesday, and according to my sister it was still like that yesterday. I'm hoping it'll have calmed down a bit today and that the water will be a little clearer because I'm hoping to take some underwater photos - preferably without having to be underwater myself. When the stream flowing as it is in the photo below, it's about as deep as it is wide, and deeper in certain places. Perhaps at the bottom of one of the millfalls, where the pool is fairly shallow at the edges, I might have more luck.

Saturday, 6 January 2018

Today's Epiphany, and the day after tomorrow it's back to school. It's funny how, when I'm at school, I don't think it's all that bad (quite fun, even)...but when I'm at home the prospect of returning seems absolutely dreadful. I expect the problem is just that we need longer holidays. I wish someone would realise that. I got my long-awaited violin for Christmas, but I think I'm going to need lessons! I've not used one for - gosh - ten years or so, and I sound dreadfully screechy. It's supposed to rain today, and I hope the weather does live up to the prediction because it's been dreadfully dry and the summer grass is only just starting to become green. The stream is still empty, except a few pools here and there, and I'd really like to take some photos at the millfalls which for now is obviously impossible since there's no water running.

Monday, 1 January 2018

¡Feliz Año Nuevo! Bonne Année ! Happy New Year!

Friday, 1 December 2017

No school today! And as a result, I slept sixteen hours. That's about three times as much as what I get on an average school night. I'm fairly certain that's not normal. Still, no homework at least for this weekend (although I'd better get a move on with doing some revisions). Actually, on second thoughts, I wish we did have some homework so I could get some decent marks for something. Last Wednesday we had a philosophy test and I'm afraid it was a total catastrophe. Besides the actual content, there were two words I put in English ("longing" and "unhealthy") and two words which are non-French ("detrimental" and "monotitude"). I asked the teacher on Thursday if he had the papers with him so I could correct the words, but of course he didn't. Please don't ask where I dug "monotitude" out from. I spent ages racking my brain trying to think whether "monotony" would be monotiné or monotitude, and settled on the latter - when of course it's actually the same as in English. Oh, goodness, what a laughing stock I've made of myself.

Saturday, 25 November 2017

School, as good as it is, could do with a few changes. First of all, there's too much of it in comparison with the amount of time at home. Secondly, the routine...go in every day at the same time, have class, break, class, lunchtime, class, break, class, more class, home - and repeat. And time flies by much too quickly. On November the 1st I was already aghast we were that far into the year - and these past twenty five days have slipped by as if they were but twenty five minutes. Autumn, barely upon us, seems nearly over and winter is approaching. We've started getting frosts recently, which has been lovely. Our conseil de classe is next week, so hopefully we'll be getting our reports fairly soon, and the week before the Christmas holidays is going to be a tiring week of mock exams.

Friday, 20 October 2017

You probably don't want to read an apology on the irregularity of my posts every time I write on here, so I'll try and cut down on that. But twenty days! Sheesh.
School's been good, but history has been quite tough (non-stop talking by the teacher and non-stop note-taking by us) and I'm still struggling with the explication de texte stuff in philosophy, though it's getting better. Now we have a two-week holiday which, while it means no philosophy classes for two weeks, is going to be nice and hopefully restful! Although my granddad and uncle are coming over on Sunday, so we're going to have to do another manic house clean... And considering we've just emptied into our living room a garage we've been renting for the past six years (to store some of our stuff in), that's going to be even more manic than usual.

Two weeks ago I went to England to go to the Open Day at Sussex University. I went on Friday afternoon and came back on Monday, spending the weekend with my grandmother in London. I went all by myself, too, taking the plane on my own for the first time! It was fun being all "grown-up" ;)
The university visit was really fantastic and the course is exactly what I want to do. It was quite strange after two years of school with pretty much no science to be plunged right into a mass of people all talking about the neurobiological and pharmaceutical courses they're looking forward to! Also, when I went to listen to the short talk about the Ecology course, we were only about twenty so it took place in a classroom. You have no idea what it felt like, being in a classroom with a teacher talking was as if I was back at primary school!

Oh, and before I sign off, do you know what I did today? On the way back from the supermarket I wanted to stop and take a photo, but I'd barely taken three steps out of the car when - ouch. In the long, dry grass had been dumped a random plank of wood with at least two flaming great nails in it which went right through my plastic flipflop into my foot. Needless to say, I gave up on taking the photo and hobbled back to the car where, thankfully, we had some plasters. It still really hurts and I can't walk on my foot. What an idiot!

Saturday, 30 September 2017

The weekend at last, what a relief! Not that it's been a bad week at school, just tiring. 
Cinéma was great, and on Friday we watched the Hitchock film "Strangers on a Train". My gosh, the suspense! Also it was in English with French subtitles, which was more relaxing (well, relaxing considering the context!). 
But we had a mock philosophy exam on Wednesday, where we were given a text by Pascal which we had to explain. To cut a long story short, it was a catastrophe. I didn't even write a whole page, and it was a four hour exam. The teacher hasn't finished correcting all of them, but he said the 75% or so he's looked at would get less than 4/20. At least I'm not alone... But I don't know how to explain a short text which is already very clear, concise and easy to understand! Still, the teacher was positive, at least, and said that we'd work through it and everyone would manage by the end of it. I hope he's right!
I'd better get back to my work. I've got a ton of stuff to do in geography, French, philosophy - and we're going to have a mock exam every Wednesday afternoon!