Friday, 22 September 2017

I'm so stressed out! All this school - just going there as well as the homework - and on top of it Dad's been away since Monday and it feels like Mum and I have just been constantly arguing. Plus I've volunteered to be the French webmaster for the charity Dad's connected to, which is far more work than I thought, and the contract is for a whole year! And I'm just not getting any time to do what I want to...I got a chance to snap a few photos of a mantis this evening, but that was about it. I'm over a week behind on my diary, I've not been for a walk or bike ride for ages... Still, at least having philosophy classes means I get a chance to philosophise a bit at school, which gives me more free time at home ;)

My other lessons are going well, although history-geography haven't been very interesting thus far. More WW2 stuff to start off with, which, while I didn't know it, seemed fairly obvious, I suppose, and guessable. And in geography we're learning how to analyse maps, which I'm finding confusing since I missed Monday's lesson, where they laid out the basics! Also hopefully I'll soon be given permission to skip English lessons and just catch up on what they've been doing at home so I can focus on other stuff. Honestly, the exercises they take a whole hour over I've finished in ten minutes at most. I'll be able to start at 9am instead of 8am on Fridays, too ^.^

Monday, 18 September 2017

What an exhausting weekend! And I must admit my sister and I were spared quite a lot of it.
First, some context. We rent two places where we store some of our stuff; one about twenty minutes away, and the other in the Aveyron, not far from a small old building we own, which was previously used to store hay and cows in the winter. I think I must have mentioned it before. It's a very camping-like situation. We do have running water and normally have electricity, but EDF somehow made a mistake and cut it off. Not that we have any heaters there, so it's very cold - and it was raining, too, this time. But it's a beautiful area with woods and hills, fog after the rain and all sorts of animals. 

But this time did we get to experience any of that, except from the car window as we drove along? No. Why? Because, wanting to clear out of the storage place closest to us, because it's too expensive, my parents decided to use this weekend to make some room at the other place, and we had to help non-stop. It was cold, tiring and very boring. And there was fog, but I couldn't photograph it because M&D wouldn't stop the car :( plus we did see some salamanders, late last night, dotted all over the road after the rain. Eight of them! Dad stopped the car and I picked up two, which I released near our "house". My sister named them Gilbert and Sullivan!
We got back home around 9.30 this morning, half an hour before Dad was due to get in a taxi bound for the bus stop so he could catch the plane to England - and he hadn't even packed. He managed to get off alright, thankfully, but needless to say my sister and I missed our school bus. I was very annoyed about it at 3am while M&D were still sorting boxes, but now - nearly twelve hours later - I'm glad to be able to just relax at home!

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Today is the "journée d’intégration" for the collège, so I don't have class :) tomorrow is my class's day, and we'll be going on a trip to Sète. I'm not sure why the art and English teachers (who will be accompanying us) chose to go there, except for the fact that there's an El Greco exhibition. I had never heard of him until yesterday, but apparently it's very rare there's an exhibition in France and so we have to go and see it. Hm. Also Paul Valéry wrote a poem about the cimetière marin there, so we have to do some research on him, and we'll also be visiting the cemetry. And we'll be going on a one hour boat trip, which should be fun. I don't think I've mentioned, but there's a new girl in my class (and one boy who was in Terminale last year but has to resit), and she's been hanging out with me and C. She seems nice, and has a horse and a cat.
Speaking of having things, I appear to have a bit of a fever. Sore throat, hot around the eyes and cheeks. Hopefully I'll be feeling a bit better tomorrow, although I've been like this for the past two days or so. Anyway, I'd better get on with my homework.

Monday, 4 September 2017

And what day is it today? The day which kills freedom, the back-to-school day, the rentrée - the end; doomsday. Well, no, I'm too harsh. It was fun going back to school, and meeting some of the new teachers, but do I really have to go back every single day for the next beastly year? A few days now and then would be nice, but not all week every week. *sigh* Still, at least I have philosophy this year. It's really interesting, and the teacher - from what I can tell after one lesson with him - seems quite good, although the daft geezer likes Freud and Sartre. Then again, it should make for some interesting debates...if I get up the courage to actually debate, that is. 
Anyway. We have the same history-geography teacher as last year, which was a surprise. One problem that cropped up, though, is that the stupid adminstration has decided to get rid of extra Spanish, which was the option I'd chosen! And also they put art and cinéma at the same time, so I can only do one of them (cinéma, of course). Instead of Spanish, then, I'm going to be doing Droit et Grands Enjeux du Monde Contemporain. There was a lesson today, actually, and it too seems good.
Well, supper time now, so byeeeee.

Thursday, 31 August 2017

At last, a nice grey day! It rained last night, too; the red pine trees and green plants are saturated with water and have lovely, vibrant colours. Provided the clouds stay, I'm planning on getting up early tomorrow and going to the lake-pond-thing. Last time I was there there were also some pretty purple flowers which will hopefully still be around. Now I'm just spending the last days of the holiday brushing up on my Spanish, getting my books ready; stuff like that. I'm also trying to back up all my photographs on Flickr, which is taking a while! 15,000 backed up so far, and that's only my current hard drive (which isn't full) and about half of my last one.

I saw Mathilda the hedgehog again a few nights ago, and she seems to understand now that we're not a threat, as she lets me pick her up without curling into a ball. So sweet :) I've also got a pet shrew (called Thomasina) which my sister fished out of the swimming pool about a week ago now. It's hard work getting enough food for her, as shrews eat their body weight in insects every day! There are no spiders left in the house (except three with egg sacks which I've spared), and the cricket and grasshopper populations have suffered a severe blow. But Thomsina is really cute and friendly, I hope I'll be able to keep her even when school starts again.

Saturday, 26 August 2017

I can't believe school starts again in a little over a week! Horror of horrors. I wish I was back in Kenya, at the school. As it is, I'm returning to the school I was at earlier on this year. After a lot of work and effort, we discovered a few days ago that the other possible school (the one with more cinéma) doesn't work transport-wise. On the one hand I'm glad, because my school is situated in a far nicer area, and, after all, I have got used to it and settled in. But on the other hand, it would have been nice to meet new people, and the extra cinéma would have been good, as would have been the larger, nicer grounds. So it's not too much of a disappointment that I'm not going there.
I'm so thankful I only have one year of school left! I'm already planning my gap year, although I will be doing A-levels during that. Still, it's good that I can be at least a bit more relaxed about my exams this year, as they're not the be all and end all.

Friday, 18 August 2017

Look at this adorable baby hedgehog I found the other night! My sister named her Mathilda (although I admit I have no idea if she's actually a girl), and I kept her until morning so I could take a few, mostly blurry (she kept moving) photos of her. But the way she uncurled herself was so sweet! Wriggling around and waving her paws in the air... Then we released her where she was found. It would be nice to have a pet hedgehog.