Friday, 18 August 2017

Look at this adorable baby hedgehog I found the other night! My sister named her Mathilda (although I admit I have no idea if she's actually a girl), and I kept her until morning so I could take a few, mostly blurry (she kept moving) photos of her. But the way she uncurled herself was so sweet! Wriggling around and waving her paws in the air... Then we released her where she was found. It would be nice to have a pet hedgehog.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

It's just so depressing not knowing what's happened to Humbug. Fearing the worst and hoping that he'll turn up any moment at the same time is so...stressful. We had a call yesterday about a fluffy black and white cat in a nearby village, so we went to have a look, although it seemed quite a long way for him to go. It was a very similar looking cat, indeed, but not him. *sigh*

In about an hour I'm going to go to the local feria (not as extreme as the one in Nimes where they have bullfighting). It's the last day, and there's going to be an abrivado with the bulls and horses going in the river, so I'm hoping to get a few photos of that.
What else, then? My sister made some mulberry jam (the fruits I helped pick in June) and a fig-and-blackberry tart (the figs which I picked outside of her college the other day, climbing in the tree and getting all sticky). The tart was very nice, and the jam we're leaving to set for a bit before eating.

Friday, 4 August 2017

Oh, what a day! Still no news of Humbug, and to boot, Samy didn't show up for breakfast. I hoped it was because I got up rather late, and that she'd already gone into a bush somewhere to sleep for the day (the temperature is over 40C in the shade). I called nonetheless, but I didn't see any sign of her. Eventually supper-time rolled around, and I started yelling the cats' food call and rattling the dry food in its bag. Nothing. So I fed the others and tramped around in the 38 degree heat (and only a few minutes from sunset) in the garrigue, banging on a bowl with a spoon and continuing calling her, and Humbug. Still nothing. I was feeling weak and literally trembling at the knees, thinking of all the things that could have happened to her, and dreading discovering either of their bodies. Eventually I went back to the house, sweaty and covered in mosquito bites. I asked my sister if she'd seen her - no - and turned to go down and have one more look along the garden hedge. Then, a cry from my sister - Samy! The goof had turned up from who knows where and began wolfing down her food. Thank goodness we've got her back at least!

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Agh, where to start? We're back in France now, but I'll try and be chronological.
We went to Hampshire for a few days with my grandmother, and on the way back to London went across a part of the New Forest, where we saw some ponies! It was drizzling so my Dad decided to head home instead of stopping for some tea, which was a shame. The day after we got back, my sister and I went to Richmond Park, where I got to try out my new lens on the deer! Wouldn't be able to do that with completely wild deer, of course, but you can get some passable shots with 85mm in Richmond.

We left England late on Sunday 23rd, and arrived at my granddad's even later on Tuesday, when we had supper with him, my uncle and his girlfriend. On Wednesday we went to the beach, and on Thursday evening my parents went home. It was on Friday that they rang us to tell that, while the other three cats were all present and correct, Humbug still hadn't shown up. We stayed on at our granddad's until Monday - yesterday - and manged to have an enjoyable time despite Houm's disappearance, going to the beach again twice; where I tried out my Nikon underwater, a scary but good experience! I need a lot more practice though, as it's quite hard to adjust the settings underwater. And goggles would be useful, too!

Now we're back home, hunting around desperately for our missing cat. I just don't understand where he can have got to! We've searched and re-searched the garden, the land below it, along the roads, in the village, have asked people and are sticking up posters. Kousa has never just wandered off before...and it's not as if we have never been away, and this time our time in England was relatively short! Once when we got back around 2am he only showed up the next morning, but now he's been missing six days! I don't know what we're going to do... Please pray for him!

Monday, 17 July 2017

Goodness me, everything's been so busy and hectic! Visiting people, friends, doing a photoshoot, going to the bank... And I've also got my results, at last! So, because of course you're interested in what some random person you barely know's results are, here we go:

11/20 - French written exam
18/20 - French oral exam
12/20 - Science written exam
20/20 - that project I did on chiaroscuro

Right, I did a lot worse at the French written than I had hoped. I'm guessing I got 0/4 on the question, and then 11/16 on the creative-ish writing part. The annoying thing is I know all the stuff I did wrong, but of course can't go back and redo it!
The oral exam result really surprised me. I thought I'd get maybe 11 or 12, so I'm very happy with that! (Although I would have preferred to do better at the French or science instead of the oral...)
I should be a lot more annoyed about the mark I got for science, but I'm just relieved that I did get my C, which allows me to buy the A-level courses I need!
And full marks on the project I did in a little under a week! Wow. But I guess they were lenient on me!

Now, what else is new? At my friend's house, two of her dogs began fighting, and I tried to seperate them and got bitten, which was an interesting experience. Thankfully they were just small dogs! I only got a tiny cut on my hand but it hurt for a while, and I think I the bone of one finger got bruised, somehow, which is very painful if I touch it. Also we stopped past a National Trust house on the way there, which was unfortunately closed but we sat in the field next to the carpark and had some tea. And look who turned up! This beauty came all the way over to us and ate from my hand :)

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Well, the French and Science exams are things of the past. The French exam was alright, I think. The creative writing part (marked out of 16 points) was where we had to imagine the following scence from one of the extracts we were given, which was good, but the question (out of 4) simply didn't make any sense and I think I wrote un peu n'importe quoi. And the classroom where we did the exam was simply boiling hot. Random teachers wandered in, said "goodness, it's forty degrees in here!" and went out quickly. The teacher supervising us, my French teacher coincidentally, was constantly fanning herself with a piece of paper. Eventually the storm broke, which was a bit of a relief, but it was still very hot. The exam finished, I had to traipse through the rain and wait for ages for Mum to arrive. It was fun at first, but soon I was shivering. In the supermarket Mummy had to buy me a new T-shirt I was so cold. 
As for the science, the topics were ghastly. Vision as the main point, then energy, and the biology part was on chicken eggs. For the first part, we had to diagnose a man's vision problem from a few pieces of information, and provided I diagnosed him correctly I don't think I did too badly. For energy, there was one question I simply couldn't figure out at the time but, nearly as soon as I'd walked out, I realised what the answer was. Also I didn't read through the whole paper entirely at first, and so thought there were just two questions for that part, when there were five. Time-wise it wasn't a problem, but I'd added some detail to question 2 which question 4 wanted. *cough* And then for the chicken eggs I answered question 2 alright, I think, but for question 1 I don't know what went through my head but I said the answer was option A when it was option C.
In a nutshell, if I have 10/20 ca sera deja ca, but I need to get at least 12 otherwise I can't do A-levels!! To make matters worse, do you know what the science paper at the school in Kenya was like? Huh? It was perfect. Biology as the main part, vision as part two (and vision in comparison to photography) and then masculine-feminine as the last part, which while I'm not too keen on at least I'm alright at. Arrrgghh...

Anyway. The weather's still really hot here, Dad's gone to England until Saturday, I've got a lizard called Parzival, my oral is on the 4th and shortly after that we'll be going to England. I can't wait! Except, oh no, I've just realised I'll have to release Parzival :(

Friday, 2 June 2017

You know, I'm getting a bit fed up with doing nothing but work. I suppose someone must have misled me at some point. I thought you went to school to learn, and at home you did homework, not schoolwork. But every teacher continuosly repeats that we must keep working at home, and no, we cannot put our feet up (or do anything we want to). It's all very well saying I don't have to work, that I can do what I want, but I'm afraid if I do that then I'm simply going to fail the bac. Why? Because the science teachers, at least, took too long over the programme and now, when we have at most two science lessons left, there are still a lot of things we haven't done. And besides, in general we don't look at everything in class and have to work at home. J'en ai un peu marre. Juste un peu, un tout, tout petit peu.

Oh, and on Wednesday I had to go to hospital because I managed to get a fish hook stuck in my toe. I went for a brief bike ride with my sister to the lake-pond-thing, and had been there barely one minute when I suddenly felt as if I'd cut my foot on a taught blade of grass or something. I look down, and see a piece of wire sticking out of the side of my big toe. It didn't hurt or bleed that much, but I was quite "freaked out" by having this thing stuck in my foot without me being able to pull it out. It made me feel...I don't know, trapped, or something. Anyway, so I had to cycle home like that, and as an extra plus point a wasp blundered into my handlebars and stung my finger. There was a man at home, who had come to look at the house, and it was him who gave the fish hook diagnosis. 
So Mum took me first to the local doctor, then to the hospital, where I had to wait for half an hour or so (relatively quick, although it didn't feel it at the time), until a doctor was free to look at me. I had a local anaesthetic in my foot and had to breathe in a gas which was supposed to relax me. I didn't want to be artificially relaxed, so I suppose that's why it didn't work all that well. And the anaesthetic took about twenty minutes to work, instead of five - and all through that time the doctor was poking my foot with his needle to see if I could feel it. But eventually they got the hook out, having made a lot of comments like "They must have big sharks in your village!". I felt really weird when I stopped breathing in the gas; heavy, dizzy. And when I was breathing it in, while I could think and speak clearly, there was a strange sense of disconnection - as if the sounds and images were coming into my mind separately. Anyway, now I'm limping around like a silly idiot, and I do wish I had some crutches!