Wednesday, 13 June 2018

I've had oral exams for the past three weeks, and the written are next week, so you can imagine I'm feeling a bit stressed out. Shouldn't really be mucking around and posting on here, but I need to distract myself. So what's new? We went to England in May, and the poppies are out here. And we've got two kittens! We were originally going to give them both away, but after their mother, Gingerpaw, died in an accident, we've decided to keep Mulberry. She, being black and white, is named after Humbug (whose other name, if you remember, was Bumbleberry). Otherwise, nothing much new. Everything's rather a blur of revision...


Monday, 23 April 2018

Spring holiday! It's lovely to be at home in this season, with all the flowers and the sunlight and the butterflies. Had more mock exams just before we broke up, and I'm waiting nervously for the teachers to put our results online...I wish they'd hurry up! French was a bit of a disaster, but I should have at least a pass in the other topics. Now I'm working on my dossiers for English, Spanish, droit and cinéma. Very tiring, but the first two are nearly done. Droit is a fifth there and as for cinéma - well, I've written the title and my name, so that's a start, isn't it?

Otherwise I've started working on creating a short film of the springtimey nature; the grasses blowing gently in the breeze, butterflies on the lilac... I'd like to put more insects and spiders in it, but I'm having trouble with subjects which at a height of less than two feet or so, as that's how tall my tripod is. I'm going to see if I can't get a smaller tripod or something when I go to England on the 5th, but by the time we get back a) there'll be school again and b) it might be a little late weather-wise. So I'll have to see!

Sunday, 25 March 2018

Well, in the three-month interval between now and my last post, life's just been rolling on as per usual. We've had some interesting and not very logical weather (the photos below were taken on subsequent days), and school's been good but tiring with all the homework and revisions. After the snow and rain it seems spring is here at last, however, and the extremely delayed dandelions, daisies and various other flowers are at last appearing, as well as various different insects. On the table next to me I have a jar full of black spiky caterpillars, which I found this afternoon in the garden.
I have another mock exam in a few weeks, just before the April holidays - and my oral exams are in mid-May and the beginning of June.

Saturday, 13 January 2018

There was a massive downpour of rain on Monday, and as a result from 7.25am to 5.15pm I had wet feet and wet trousers. Besides the cold, having wet clothes is just so disagreable. The rain continued, to a lesser extent, on Tuesday and Wednesday, with the delighftul result that the stream is back! The rubbish photo below illustrates what it was like on Wednesday, and according to my sister it was still like that yesterday. I'm hoping it'll have calmed down a bit today and that the water will be a little clearer because I'm hoping to take some underwater photos - preferably without having to be underwater myself. When the stream flowing as it is in the photo below, it's about as deep as it is wide, and deeper in certain places. Perhaps at the bottom of one of the millfalls, where the pool is fairly shallow at the edges, I might have more luck.

Saturday, 6 January 2018

Today's Epiphany, and the day after tomorrow it's back to school. It's funny how, when I'm at school, I don't think it's all that bad (quite fun, even)...but when I'm at home the prospect of returning seems absolutely dreadful. I expect the problem is just that we need longer holidays. I wish someone would realise that. I got my long-awaited violin for Christmas, but I think I'm going to need lessons! I've not used one for - gosh - ten years or so, and I sound dreadfully screechy. It's supposed to rain today, and I hope the weather does live up to the prediction because it's been dreadfully dry and the summer grass is only just starting to become green. The stream is still empty, except a few pools here and there, and I'd really like to take some photos at the millfalls which for now is obviously impossible since there's no water running.

Monday, 1 January 2018

¡Feliz Año Nuevo! Bonne Année ! Happy New Year!

Friday, 1 December 2017

No school today! And as a result, I slept sixteen hours. That's about three times as much as what I get on an average school night. I'm fairly certain that's not normal. Still, no homework at least for this weekend (although I'd better get a move on with doing some revisions). Actually, on second thoughts, I wish we did have some homework so I could get some decent marks for something. Last Wednesday we had a philosophy test and I'm afraid it was a total catastrophe. Besides the actual content, there were two words I put in English ("longing" and "unhealthy") and two words which are non-French ("detrimental" and "monotitude"). I asked the teacher on Thursday if he had the papers with him so I could correct the words, but of course he didn't. Please don't ask where I dug "monotitude" out from. I spent ages racking my brain trying to think whether "monotony" would be monotiné or monotitude, and settled on the latter - when of course it's actually the same as in English. Oh, goodness, what a laughing stock I've made of myself.