Thursday, 27 April 2017

I got my science mock exam back today. I got a worse mark than I expected, and my expectation was eight. On the part that I'd actually entirely understood and thought I'd done passably well at, I got 2.5/8. I'm really disappointed that I got such an appalling mark. 
The two science teachers keep saying to the class "we know you're in the literary option, you don't like science" "we'll make it easy for you" "yes, I know this bores you" etc etc, and it just drives me nuts. I really like science, especially biology. I want to study it for heaven's sake! And how am I going to manage if this is the sort of mark I'm getting? But the teacher was sympathetic, and she said I'd do better at the real baccalaureate, which was nice of her... I suppose I need to really work hard at home on the science (and French) that I missed during the first term.

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  1. That is ridiculous---never should science be boring!! email me if I can be of help, biology was my major in college! =)