Sunday, 30 April 2017

Yay, we've got Monday off tomorrow! And next Monday, too, for V-Day - and then Thursday 25th for Ascension, and Friday 26th because my school is having some sort of teachers' meeting. Hurray for teachers' meetings, say I. And I might be able to go London to visit my bank. Hah, sounds very grown-up and business-like, doesn't it? Thing is, I can't activate the stupid thing from abroad, and therefore can't take any money from here out until I present myself in person, with my passport. So as far as buying a new lens goes, I'm stuck 'til then.

My sister's in Germany on a school trip, and will be back at the end of next week. Yesterday was Dad's birthday (which we'll have a second celebration for when my sister returns), and it was lovely and sunny. Today it's cold, grey, damp and drizzling heavily. There's an alerte orange in some areas near us, but I think we're ok. At least the stream will be flowing properly again now!

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