Saturday, 6 May 2017

It seems that if their breakfast is two hours late, the cats think there's a famine going on and do everything they can to desperately wake me up to come and see what's going on. So, despite getting up around 5.30 every morning and going to bed past midnight, I was up again at seven. *sigh* Ok, I'll be fair, it wasn't just the cats. There was a sudden storm (which has now eased into just rain), with thunder and hail. I suddenly realised all the stuff on the terrace would be getting wet, so hurried to put it under cover - and then, having fed the cats, I couldn't get back to sleep, so here I am.

Yesterday we a sports test in basketball, for which the teacher said the lowest mark is 13. I expect that thirteen is me, since I made the stupid mistake of running with the ball. In my defence, it's only the third or fourth time I've ever played basketball, while the others have played it every year. I also, although this bears no relevance to my mark, got hit in the nose by the stupid ball, and it still hurts now.
English was alright but a bit boring, as we mostly went over the part of the text we'd already done, during which time I read my book and wrote in my diary. My English teacher said, which explains the texts and films we're studying, that he likes films noirs. Creepy...
And yesterday my sister came back from Germany, where she saw snow, castles and trick fountains. I want to go to Germany!

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