Saturday, 15 April 2017

Wow, it's been over twenty days since I last wrote on here! We got back a few days ago from a trip to Greece to visit my great-aunt, and my cousin-once-removed who was there as well (she's on her gap year). I've been to Greece once before, but I was quite small and barely remember anything, so it was lovely to go back and experience it "properly"!

We thought we were going to miss the plane to get there, because we left a lot later than planned and it was a six hour drive to reach the airport, it being in Milan (we found that taking a flight from there would be cheaper), but we just got there on time. We spent the night in Athens, and managed to visit an ancient temple before we had to catch the bus; unfortunately there wasn't time to see the Acropolis. We had a few days by ourselves in my great-aunt's house before she and our cousin came. It's a lovely house on the edge of a village, and it all the springtime-y vegetation was beautiful! I had expected it to be a lot more Mediterranean, but it was actually lusher and greener than where we live.

Then my sister, our cousin and I went off by ourselves to spend a couple of days on an island. There was this amazing beach with such turquoise water...and lots of tiny little jellyfish! The other two were scared of the jellyfish and didn't want to swim past them, so I started picking up the transparent creatures and poking them and stuff, to prove that they were harmless. So it was quite ironical when, having swum around in the water with the jellyfish for ages, it was just as I was getting out that one stung me on my arm. *sigh* It didn't hurt, though; just felt like a very slight nettle sting.

Now we're back home, the cats are all fine (although we found Paws had been locked in the house by the painter for over 36h - luckily there was water in the sink she could drink) and there are little green leaves on the trees (:

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