Sunday, 28 May 2017

Our lovely four-day weekend is drawing to a close, and there are only eighteen days until my first exam. I have so muchwork to do before then! How on Earth am I going to manage? I have so many texts to catch up on that I missed due to not being there during the first term - and even just revising the ones I have learnt takes so much time! And focusing on the French leaves me no time to work on the science, even though that's more important to me and the exam is only four days later...

Anyway, what's been happening between now and when I last posted? The week before last, it must have been, when on a walk in the evening, I found a young ladder snake! To my astonishment and delight, I managed to capture it and put it in a jar I'd brought along to put slugs in for my slow worms. I rushed home and transferred it to a large box, which I filled with grass, branches of leaves and various hiding places. The next day I opened the lid of the snake's - baptised Helios - box a bit so he could breathe (just the slightest crack, and I put a heavy jar on top so he technically would be unable to push the lid away)...and, you guessed it, a short while later he was gone. I felt such an idiot! What was to be my first snake "pet", and gone already. To make matters worse, I only have one photo of him, a quick shot taken while he was still in the jar. And the ISO is dreadful. *sigh*
I would now be multiplying visits to a bridge where I saw two grass snakes last year, but it's getting too hot for cycling now. Hopefully the weather will cool down for at least a day and we'll manage to go then.

Et quoi d'autre? Last Wednesday we visited the lycée which we're considering for next year. The school itself is nice (grass, bushes, trees!), but it's quite far from the train station, where the bus terminal is. About twenty minutes on foot - and although there should be buses going to the lycée as well, I'm not sure if they'd get me there on time... But I think making a list of the pros and cons would be easier than writing it all in sentences.

Pros for new lycée
- Trees, bushes, grass
- Larger class sizes (larger chance of making an actual friend)
- More hours of cinéma
- No extra English
- A library which is actually open

Cons for new lycée
- Larger class sizes (less individual attention)
- Next to a massive road with lorries zooming past
- Far away from the scenic part of the town centre
- Probably hard to get to on time in the morning

Pros for current lycée
 - Small class sizes (more individual attention)
 - Extra English (used as an extra point maker at next year's exams)
- Next to a park etc
- Nice cinéma teacher

Cons current lycée
- No plants at all
- Weird-minded children and teachers (which means, among other things, no real friends)
 - Extra English (boring)
- A library that's never open

I wish I could just say that there are five pros for the other lycee, as opposed to four for this one, but of course the pros and cons are weighted differently. And there's also the fact that I'll have to go through the process of changing schools. As far as "integration" goes I'll be fine, but it's just...strange, abandoning a school for a new one. It's kind of like moving house - the old school's still there, you know it, it has memories, it's part of your life, but you can't even go inside. I don't know, it's just a weird idea to me. As much as I don't like my lycée, I'm used to it. I suppose the ideal thing for me would be to go back to the lycée I was at last summer, the one which refused to take me back. Bref, nous verrons. Well done if you bothered to read the whole of this lengthy post!

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