Saturday, 20 May 2017

Last weekend my sister and I cycled to millfall 3, where we were later joined by Mum and Dad for a picnic and a swim. It was lovely but really cold! Lots of blue damselfies flitting around, and the underwater plants you can sort of see in the bottom left corner of the photo below are a type of mint, so it felt like we were swimming in some sort of ice tea! Unfortunately a random geezer popped up and went for a swim so we, as Mum likes her privacy, migrated to a spot further up the river where had our picnic.

Last time we were there, on the Wednesday I think it must have been, I found a male slow worm. I was getting off my bike and put my foot right on him! Thankfully the poor thing was alright, and I took him home. My sister named him Stefanos, or Stef for short. Anyway, this time we found another one! A female, now named Poppy. They live in the same box, partly out of necessity as I don't have another one, and partly because I'm hoping they'll have babies! I also had another slow worm (which Mum found) - a female, called Lillian - but I released her yesterday as I was having difficulty finding enough food for them.

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