Thursday, 22 June 2017

Well, the French and Science exams are things of the past. The French exam was alright, I think. The creative writing part (marked out of 16 points) was where we had to imagine the following scence from one of the extracts we were given, which was good, but the question (out of 4) simply didn't make any sense and I think I wrote un peu n'importe quoi. And the classroom where we did the exam was simply boiling hot. Random teachers wandered in, said "goodness, it's forty degrees in here!" and went out quickly. The teacher supervising us, my French teacher coincidentally, was constantly fanning herself with a piece of paper. Eventually the storm broke, which was a bit of a relief, but it was still very hot. The exam finished, I had to traipse through the rain and wait for ages for Mum to arrive. It was fun at first, but soon I was shivering. In the supermarket Mummy had to buy me a new T-shirt I was so cold. 
As for the science, the topics were ghastly. Vision as the main point, then energy, and the biology part was on chicken eggs. For the first part, we had to diagnose a man's vision problem from a few pieces of information, and provided I diagnosed him correctly I don't think I did too badly. For energy, there was one question I simply couldn't figure out at the time but, nearly as soon as I'd walked out, I realised what the answer was. Also I didn't read through the whole paper entirely at first, and so thought there were just two questions for that part, when there were five. Time-wise it wasn't a problem, but I'd added some detail to question 2 which question 4 wanted. *cough* And then for the chicken eggs I answered question 2 alright, I think, but for question 1 I don't know what went through my head but I said the answer was option A when it was option C.
In a nutshell, if I have 10/20 ca sera deja ca, but I need to get at least 12 otherwise I can't do A-levels!! To make matters worse, do you know what the science paper at the school in Kenya was like? Huh? It was perfect. Biology as the main part, vision as part two (and vision in comparison to photography) and then masculine-feminine as the last part, which while I'm not too keen on at least I'm alright at. Arrrgghh...

Anyway. The weather's still really hot here, Dad's gone to England until Saturday, I've got a lizard called Parzival, my oral is on the 4th and shortly after that we'll be going to England. I can't wait! Except, oh no, I've just realised I'll have to release Parzival :(

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