Monday, 17 July 2017

Goodness me, everything's been so busy and hectic! Visiting people, friends, doing a photoshoot, going to the bank... And I've also got my results, at last! So, because of course you're interested in what some random person you barely know's results are, here we go:

11/20 - French written exam
18/20 - French oral exam
12/20 - Science written exam
20/20 - that project I did on chiaroscuro

Right, I did a lot worse at the French written than I had hoped. I'm guessing I got 0/4 on the question, and then 11/16 on the creative-ish writing part. The annoying thing is I know all the stuff I did wrong, but of course can't go back and redo it!
The oral exam result really surprised me. I thought I'd get maybe 11 or 12, so I'm very happy with that! (Although I would have preferred to do better at the French or science instead of the oral...)
I should be a lot more annoyed about the mark I got for science, but I'm just relieved that I did get my C, which allows me to buy the A-level courses I need!
And full marks on the project I did in a little under a week! Wow. But I guess they were lenient on me!

Now, what else is new? At my friend's house, two of her dogs began fighting, and I tried to seperate them and got bitten, which was an interesting experience. Thankfully they were just small dogs! I only got a tiny cut on my hand but it hurt for a while, and I think I the bone of one finger got bruised, somehow, which is very painful if I touch it. Also we stopped past a National Trust house on the way there, which was unfortunately closed but we sat in the field next to the carpark and had some tea. And look who turned up! This beauty came all the way over to us and ate from my hand :)

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