Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Agh, where to start? We're back in France now, but I'll try and be chronological.
We went to Hampshire for a few days with my grandmother, and on the way back to London went across a part of the New Forest, where we saw some ponies! It was drizzling so my Dad decided to head home instead of stopping for some tea, which was a shame. The day after we got back, my sister and I went to Richmond Park, where I got to try out my new lens on the deer! Wouldn't be able to do that with completely wild deer, of course, but you can get some passable shots with 85mm in Richmond.

We left England late on Sunday 23rd, and arrived at my granddad's even later on Tuesday, when we had supper with him, my uncle and his girlfriend. On Wednesday we went to the beach, and on Thursday evening my parents went home. It was on Friday that they rang us to tell that, while the other three cats were all present and correct, Humbug still hadn't shown up. We stayed on at our granddad's until Monday - yesterday - and manged to have an enjoyable time despite Houm's disappearance, going to the beach again twice; where I tried out my Nikon underwater, a scary but good experience! I need a lot more practice though, as it's quite hard to adjust the settings underwater. And goggles would be useful, too!

Now we're back home, hunting around desperately for our missing cat. I just don't understand where he can have got to! We've searched and re-searched the garden, the land below it, along the roads, in the village, have asked people and are sticking up posters. Kousa has never just wandered off before...and it's not as if we have never been away, and this time our time in England was relatively short! Once when we got back around 2am he only showed up the next morning, but now he's been missing six days! I don't know what we're going to do... Please pray for him!

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  1. I hope he's ok. Wishing you find him ASAP!