Friday, 17 February 2017

This morning I got up at twenty to seven, having yesterday seen that mist was forecasted. And, surprisingly, the forecast was right! Mist abounded. My sister and I were going to go for a bike ride together but, of the five bikes we own: two are too small, one has a puncture, one is mine (and also has a puncture, but a slow one) and the other one has a flat tyre which our bike pump won't connect to. The tyre stuff we only discovered this morning, so unfortunately my sister had to stay behind.
I cycled down to a place we haven't been to for quite a while, down a track, past the vineyards, to some woods near the river.

 It was so lovely and peaceful being by myself with the mist, the glistening water droplets and the birds beginning to sing. I could see the sun rushing over the hills opposite and then slowly creeping over the trees and then the field bordering the woods. There were some beautiful rays of light piercing the mist, but unfortunately not very photographable beacuse there was such a dense tangle of branches. I heard some rushing water and came to a bridge my sister and I had been over once before, but this time it was impassable because the water had decided that just going underneath was not good enough and had flooded over the top in a mass of roaring foam. I took a few photos there and then decided I had better be heading back, for it was past nine o'clock and, besides, the mist was pretty much gone. It was a splendid morning and I hope there'll be some more mist soon!

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