Friday, 17 March 2017

I had a sore throat yesterday and this morning I felt worse so I didn't go to school. I would have forced myself to go if there had been something important, but there's mostly just English (the teacher has finally returned) and sports today - three hours of the former and two of the latter. I just hope the sports teacher won't be annoyed that I've missed 3 out of 4 lessons now... Oh, and I will also be missing cinéma, which I'm quite disappointed about. I wish we had more than two hours a week.

One thing which induced me to stay at home, also, was the fact that there was a lot of lovely mist this morning. I went for a brief bike ride and took some photos of the stream and the woods. I also saw a pheasant and a woodpecker, but I didn't manage to photograph either of them.
So, tomorrow's the weekend - then on Monday Dad is going to Kenya for ten days - and on Thursday 30th we're going to Greece to visit some relatives! I'm really looking forward to it.

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