Saturday, 11 March 2017

Well, I'm eighteen, then. In case anyone's wondering, it feels exactly like before, but just a bit creepier, knowing you're technically "grown-up". I remember when I was smaller I thought adults knew everything and how to handle every situtation... On my birthday we had a coffee and walnut cake that I made, and today we're going to have another celebration and make a banoffee pie :3

Yesterday at school I finally had P.E.; basketball. Considering I've never done it before and that I have a grazed hand I didn't do too badly, but I wasn't very good at aiming - the ball usually went to one side. At lunchtime I went to the jardin de la fontaine with one of the girls from my class, and then in the afternoon I had cinéma, during part of which the premières (of which we were only three!) started watching a film and analysing it as we went along. I wish we had more than two hours of cinéma per week. *sigh*

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