Monday, 20 March 2017

Not a great day, to say the least. I'm not completely over my cold, but I thought I'd better go to school because I shouldn't miss French (or Spanish) - and also Dad was to take the same bus as me on his way to the train station, so I thought it would be nice to go with him, which it was. 
But French was quite boring and as usual the teacher was mostly just making obvious points, and I had a headache and didn't feel much like speaking. Then normally on a Monday I finish at four, but we were told last week that history was cancelled. And then while I was eating lunch with a friend, she got a message on her phone from the head of class to say that Spanish was cancelled. So that was already an extra hour for me to wait, doing nothing, because there are no buses at one or two. Anyway, we went back for the final class, which focuses on a different topic every four weeks and which helps you go over what you've learnt in class. This time we were to do it with the Headmistress. So we waited outside the classroom...for ten...fifteen...twenty minutes. And eventually we were informed that the Head was in a meeting and wasn't coming.
Of all the nerve! 
a) if you're teaching a class you can't just not do it and 
b) why the heck weren't we told in the morning?!
So I was very happy to spend several hours just sitting there doing nothing when I could have been at home. At least my friend had to stay as well, since she had Italian afterwards. Poor her, of course, but at least it's better to be miserable in company than by yourself.
And then, as usual, when I got off the bus, I had to wait for an hour before I was picked up. Why can't I ever be picked up on time?!

*sigh* Sorry. I suppose it helps get it out of my system if I write it down on here and I'll be slightly less likely to keep ranting on about it to my sister.

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